Ray Whelan, a British executive with the MATCH group, which owned the rights to sell World Cup hospitality packages, surrendered himself to Brazilian officials on Monday for being involved in an illegal World Cup ticket-scalping.

He is been accused by police for providing World Cup tickets to an Algerian representative,Lamine Fofana, whom authorities have called the top ticket scalper at this present year’s Cup, which ended this Sunday.Brazil WCup Ticket Scalping (more…)

Kip Moore Challenges Scalper on Twitter

Kip Christian Moore, an American singer-songwriter who wrote an open letter last month announcing publicly the unethical practice of ticket scalping went a step ahead last week by calling out a Scalper on Twitter.

It all started when Moore tweeted about his upcoming show in Chicago for which the tickets were about to go on sale. A man named Brent Miller quickly retweeted about his own low priced tickets to Moore’s show, including sold-out VIP Tickets.

CRS 2014 - Day 1

“16 tickets available selling general admission tickets for 125 each or sold-out VIP tickets for 225 each….direct message me,” Miller said in a tweet, which has been deleted. (more…)

Scalpers taking advantage of high demand for tickets

World Cup fever has always been fun to participate in, but for fans who eagerly wanted to attend the finals, might have to spend a penny more.

Ticket prices for the finals between Argentina and Germany in Maracana Stadium in Brazil soared as high as $20,000.

World cup scalped big

EBAY, priced tickets from around $3,000 to $18,000 and even a global market for online ticket re-sales called Viagogo listed its tickets from around $5,000 to $20,000. (more…)

Ticketmaster’s Great Fun refund irritates customer.

Ticketmaster is the company everyone loves to hate, and today it is acknowledged as much. Everybody wants to have a good rebate, but then customers’ needs to understand that they don’t fall in trap of marketing tactics by such companies. In the wake of buying tickets through Ticketmaster, numerous customers were introduced a chance to click on the offer for a discount not understanding the concealed charges that anticipated.

People who clicked on the provided link were then redirected to another webpage that made them speak with an associate. The membership system is called Great Fun, an investment funds club program, which offers rebates on shopping, feasting, amusement, and travel. The deal presented by Ticketmaster was: Sign up for a 30 day trial period with Great Fun for only $1, cash the rebate check, cancel before the end of the 30 day period, and make money. (more…)

Ticketmaster Apocalypse – Breaking Bad

The Fanarchist would like to thank our readers for supporting us and watching our videos. After your overwhelming response to our 2 videos we decided to make new video in the series of “Ticketmaster Apocalypse”. After “The Walking Dead – Ticketmaster Apocalypse” we decide to make new video in the same series with the theme of tv series “Breaking Bad”. Here is the video

“Breaking Bad – Ticketmaster Apocalypse”


Ticketmaster’s new ticketing concept.. Will it really avoid scalpers????

Ticketmaster has now come up with a new concept called…Paperless Ticketing System…which is actually introduced to avoid scalpers and brokers…. but will it really workout….????

Paperless Ticketing System in one way can avoid scalpers and brokers to resell the tickets above the face value, but it can sometimes prove to be a bad buying experience for people who wants to present the tickets as a token of gift to a friend or relative, because the PAPERLESS TICKETING SYSTEM requires the REAL purchaser to be present wherein he is required to show his ID CARD or CREDIT CARD…. (more…)

Ticket scalpers warned to stay away from Masters Tournament

Ticket scalpers warned to stay away from Masters Tournament

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In the event that you anticipate scalping tickets for the Masters Tournament, you would do well to know your limits.

Police said anybody found purchasing; auctioning or giving off tickets inside a 2,700 foot limit around the Augusta National could confront misdeed allegations or get a ride in a police auto.

Measuring around the course isn’t fundamental. Richmond County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Gay said the unlawful region extends between the Washington Road Taco Bell and Calhoun Expressway and between Wheeler and Smith Creek ways in the National Hills neighborhood. The same manages request authorized merchants.


Former A&P executive admits scalping $1.2M in tickets

Former A&P executive admits scalping $1.2M in tickets

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A previous senior official at A&P markets Montvale central command conceded in elected court in Newark today that he scalped more than 7,000 special tickets for employees a Super Bowl, New York Yankees playoff amusements and shows by Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga and U2.

John Moritz, 44, said he pocketed $1.2 million secretly offering the tickets online without his associates’ learning.


Ticketmaster’s stone age Tickets

Ticketmaster’s old fashioned tickets are nothing but inconvenience to the fans like us. Their tickets are far away from calling advanced, they are not even improving with the time.

  1. Their ticket design is very old and need improvement as it is not easy to read, not appealing to eyes. Due to bad design, Ticketmaster’s tickets are hard to read, that is inconvenient to fans.
  2. Ticketmaster is so stuck in the past glory and present skimming, that they are not even able to proceed from print-at-home facility to other viable options like Paperless tickets, which is environment friendly and convenient to Fans as well. In present times every individual carries smart phones. Mobile ticket is the option they should give for convenience of fans.
  3. As Front runner in ticketing industries Ticketmaster is being very bad example for other ticketing companies, they are neither doing any improvements in the tickets nor providing any significance inputs which will help to bring any major change in the ticketing industry, in terms of technical and technological improvements.
  4. Ticketmaster’s tickets are easy to duplicate, which gives scalpers and tickets resellers ability to do frauds. Ticketmaster should have taken some steps to avoid scalping and ticket re-selling, but they have done opposite and started their own Ticket reselling websites.
  5. Ticketmaster’s tickets are so uncool and shabby that Fans don’t event feel to show off their tickets after purchasing it. Ticket should give fans a sense of satisfaction after purchasing it rather than feeling shabby and keeping it till the show comes.

Ticketmaster charges as high as 40% of convenience fee for the overall services they provide and We Fans end up with shady Customer service and lame old fashioned Tickets. After paying such high extra fees in the name of “convenience fee” and what fans get in return with those hefty extra charges is “Inconvenience”.

Fans angry over high priced Derby tickets

Fans' angry over high priced Derby tickets

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Furious football fans spoke of their disappointment as tickets for the Merseyside derby were being offered online for up to £600.

A portion of the tickets, in the home and away regions of Goodison Park, were on-sale at more than £450 each. The face-value was around £40 each.

On 1st4footballtickets, one ticket was offered for £450, yet when extra charges like taxes and administration charges were included the price of ticket over there rose to more than £600.

While on Stubhub – which goes about as the official optional ticketing office for Everton FC –  tickets were being offered for £460 each. (more…)