Ticket scalpers warned to stay away from Masters Tournament

Ticket scalpers warned to stay away from Masters Tournament

Source: – Augusta.com

In the event that you anticipate scalping tickets for the Masters Tournament, you would do well to know your limits.

Police said anybody found purchasing; auctioning or giving off tickets inside a 2,700 foot limit around the Augusta National could confront misdeed allegations or get a ride in a police auto.

Measuring around the course isn’t fundamental. Richmond County sheriff’s Capt. Scott Gay said the unlawful region extends between the Washington Road Taco Bell and Calhoun Expressway and between Wheeler and Smith Creek ways in the National Hills neighborhood. The same manages request authorized merchants.


Former A&P executive admits scalping $1.2M in tickets

Former A&P executive admits scalping $1.2M in tickets

Source: – Cliffviewpilot.com

A previous senior official at A&P markets Montvale central command conceded in elected court in Newark today that he scalped more than 7,000 special tickets for employees a Super Bowl, New York Yankees playoff amusements and shows by Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga and U2.

John Moritz, 44, said he pocketed $1.2 million secretly offering the tickets online without his associates’ learning.


Ticketmaster’s stone age Tickets

Ticketmaster’s old fashioned tickets are nothing but inconvenience to the fans like us. Their tickets are far away from calling advanced, they are not even improving with the time.

  1. Their ticket design is very old and need improvement as it is not easy to read, not appealing to eyes. Due to bad design, Ticketmaster’s tickets are hard to read, that is inconvenient to fans.
  2. Ticketmaster is so stuck in the past glory and present skimming, that they are not even able to proceed from print-at-home facility to other viable options like Paperless tickets, which is environment friendly and convenient to Fans as well. In present times every individual carries smart phones. Mobile ticket is the option they should give for convenience of fans.
  3. As Front runner in ticketing industries Ticketmaster is being very bad example for other ticketing companies, they are neither doing any improvements in the tickets nor providing any significance inputs which will help to bring any major change in the ticketing industry, in terms of technical and technological improvements.
  4. Ticketmaster’s tickets are easy to duplicate, which gives scalpers and tickets resellers ability to do frauds. Ticketmaster should have taken some steps to avoid scalping and ticket re-selling, but they have done opposite and started their own Ticket reselling websites.
  5. Ticketmaster’s tickets are so uncool and shabby that Fans don’t event feel to show off their tickets after purchasing it. Ticket should give fans a sense of satisfaction after purchasing it rather than feeling shabby and keeping it till the show comes.

Ticketmaster charges as high as 40% of convenience fee for the overall services they provide and We Fans end up with shady Customer service and lame old fashioned Tickets. After paying such high extra fees in the name of “convenience fee” and what fans get in return with those hefty extra charges is “Inconvenience”.

Fans angry over high priced Derby tickets

Fans' angry over high priced Derby tickets

Source: – dailystar.co.uk

Furious football fans spoke of their disappointment as tickets for the Merseyside derby were being offered online for up to £600.

A portion of the tickets, in the home and away regions of Goodison Park, were on-sale at more than £450 each. The face-value was around £40 each.

On 1st4footballtickets, one ticket was offered for £450, yet when extra charges like taxes and administration charges were included the price of ticket over there rose to more than £600.

While on Stubhub – which goes about as the official optional ticketing office for Everton FC –  tickets were being offered for £460 each. (more…)

BBB warns Fans about possible Panthers ticket scam

Source: Sports-logos-screensavers.com

The Better Business Bureau alerts fans searching for tickets of coming Panthers games to be cautious about scams and fakes.

That is something the association hasn’t needed to do since 2008, said BBB President Tom Bartholomy.

“It’s only when we’re good,” he said with a giggle. “The last time we would have done well to issue anything like this around the Panthers was in 2008, when they were in the playoffs.” (more…)

A Michigan lawmaker wants to make ticket scalping legal

A Michigan lawmaker wants to make it legal to sell game or concert tickets above face value.

Legislation introduced last week would repeal a 1931 state law that makes it illegal to scalp tickets unless authorized by the venue or event operators. Some online ticket sites have partnerships with teams and venues.

Republican Rep. Tim Kelly of Saginaw Township says he is lining up bipartisan support for his bill. He says it’s a common-sense measure that would let the free market decide the price of a ticket.

Kelly says there’s no reason for the government to interfere in a transaction between a willing buyer and willing seller. The legislation now goes to a House committee for consideration.


Ticketmaster tricked fans through False Advertisement of R. Kelly event

Flyers and online advertisements by Ticketmaster boasted its “Ced’s All Black Affair – Birthday extravaganza presents R. Kelly,” so fans who purchased tickets expected R. Kelly to perform for the measure part of that event and not just for five minutes because many of the fans purchased tickets to watch R. Kelly in action and all they get is a five minute performance.

R. Kelly Fans Demand Refund After Concert

Source: Knoe.com


StubHub: A Paradise for Ticket scalpers

When we hear about “Secondary ticket industry” the first thing that comes to our mind is StubHub. StubHub was launched in 2000 by Eric Baker and Jeff Fluhr and was then purchased by eBay in 2007 for $307 million, now is the biggest player in the $5 billion industry with 65% share of the secondary online sports market.

Stubhub cheating fans

Sports events are a major revenue generator for the secondary ticket markets, 60% of tickets sold in the secondary market are tickets for sporting events and out of those more than half is sold on StubHub. Overall 20% of tickets for all events are sold in the secondary market. (more…)

Washington D.C. ignores Ticket Scalping in its new regulation

Ticket Scalping is now not illegal at D.C. after the regulations banning ticket scalping were left off in the legislation that was approved earlier this year. As a result to the ‘goof up’ in the regulation, the D.C police cannot make any arrests for scalping right now or atleast till the legislation is revised.

washington forgets to add ticket scalping

Pedro Ribeiro, a spokesman for D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray. Said that it was basically a mistake and there was no intention to either delete it or not to include it. (more…)

IMPD warns citizens to be careful over bogus tickets

With Peyton Manning and the Denver coming in town this week, ticket sales for the same are selling like hot cakes.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) has warned its citizens to look out for fake tickets. The officials also added that, due to the rising demand for tickets to the event there is a high possibility that fake tickets will be supplied by many scalpers. (more…)